Eco- friendly

Aqutonix is built upon chemical free technology that boosts the naturally occurring growth process of plants.

Easy to install

Aqutonix can be easily installed to existing irrigation systems from open fields to hydroponic farms.


Aqutonix received ISO, CE and UA certification to comply with US and EU standards.

More per Drop

Aqutonix increases the efficiency of your water by increasing the  photosynthetic efficiency of your plants.


Apart from boosting the natural growth process, Aqutonix can sterilize water up to 70%.


BLH Aqua Tech assures that our customers can return his/her investment within 1~2 years.

Plants’ Natural Water Absorption Process

A membrane protein called Aquaporin, which was discovered by Peter Agre of John Hopkins University and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003, is solely responsible for absorbing and transporting water from a plant's roots.

Aquaporin absorbs water at the molecular level and due to the hydrogen bond of water molecules, Aquaporin first needs to breakdown the water molecule clusters so that it can absorb the water molecules one by one.

The third generation of Aqutonix, with a new case design and more efficient internal configuration leading to longer product life and efficiency.

Science behind Aqutonix

Aqutonix makes the natural growth process of plants more efficient by breaking down water molecule clusters the same way Aquaporin would, in order to absorb and transport water. Since Aqutonix does the job for the plant, the plant then will spend less time breaking down the molecules, but more time absorbing the water it needs in order to grow or produce fruits.

Declusterization of water molecules

Improvement in water absorption

Increase in photosynthetic efficiency

"Increase in growth and yield"

Our product maximizes the efficacy of your water supply through productive, sustainable, and simple innovation.

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Our lab-tested results showed an increase in crop yield of up to 43%

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