Sustainable Water Treatment System to Improve Agricultural Productivity Through Water Efficiency

Aqutonix is a sustainable water treatment device which can be installed in all types of irrigation systems. It is a safe and economical method of improving the efficiency of your irrigated water that will result in an increase in germination, growth, and yield, therefore increasing your income.

Aqutonix Benefits

Environmentally friendly

Aqutonix is built upon chemical free technology that boosts the naturally occurring growth process of plants.

Simple to install

Aqutonix can be easily installed in any existing irrigation system, from open fields to hydroponic farms.

More crop per drop

Aqutonix increases the efficiency of your water by increasing the photosynthetic rate of your plants.


Aqutonix is a sustainable water treatment device that uses nature’s technology to foster the germination and growth of crops without adding chemicals or any other synthetic ingredients to the irrigated water by taking advantage of a naturally occurring growth process in plants. Learn more about Aqutonix  technology or for more information, please click the video on the right.

Using Aqutonix, you can enjoy an average increase of 20% in crop yield!

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Our lab-tested results showed an increase in crop yield of up to 43%!

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More than 80 farms in South Korea have benefitted from the water efficiency and increased production provided by Aqutonix. These farms use our sustainable water treatment device in nurseries, greenhouses, and open-field farms to grow pears, tomatoes, seedlings, leafy greens and more.

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