Increase Cannabis Yield and Maximize Farm Income 

Using Sustainable Water Treatment

Cannabis treated with Aqutonix will produce higher yields while using less water.

Increase Cannabis Yield with Aqutonix

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Aqutonix is a revolutionary water treatment device which increases water absorption in cannabis, leading to an increase in the photosynthetic efficiency and crop yield while minimizing environmental impact.

A revolutionary water treatment system, Aqutonix, has already been proven to be an effective tool for farmers looking to increase growth, germination, and yield, by maximizing water uptake or absorption. In addition to increasing yields, and maximizing profits, growers also saw a decrease in water consumption as well as a decrease in the usage of pesticides and fertilizers. In recent trials in Humboldt County, growers using Aqutonix increased cannabis yield by 43% while decreasing their water usage.

Grower Tested & Approved

Aqutonix Trials with True Humboldt & Humboldt Sun Grower's Guild, and Sage Analytics

To ensure that our product is right for the cannabis industry, we partnered with True Humboldt, one of the premier brands in the cannabis industry, and the Humboldt Sun Grower's Guild with whom we share the same vision - sustainably grown cannabis and increased yield minimizing environmental impact and maximizing grower income. Four licensed cultivators, each a part of the Humboldt Sun Grower's Guild, were quick to agree to a pilot of Aqutonix devices. Also partnered in these trials was Sage Analytics, which provides growers with the data they need to decrease lead time, make informed decisions, and increase overall transparency in the cannabis industry. For these trials, Sage provided in-field cannabinoid profile testing to determine the quality effects of Aqutonix. 

In the videos below, True Humboldt CEO Barry Nachson and botanist Billy Ellyson discuss the history of the Aqutonix trial and partnership as well as the results leading up to harvest.

Our Trusted Partners

Increase Cannabis Yield with Aqutonix

To learn more, schedule a call with a representative

Cannabis Trial Results

Humboldt Edge | Cannabis Farm Case Study

Humboldt Edge Farms, led by experienced grower and local cannabis co-op president Matt Nagel, is a licensed cannabis cultivator in Northern California’s Humboldt County farming on 7,200 square feet of land. As cannabis cultivation continues to be legalized across the United States, the cannabis economy will continue to grow. One potential downside, however, is that with the increase of cultivators entering the fray, margins will start to shrink and additional regulations regarding cultivation practices will continually come into effect. Growers are in need of a sustainable solution which allows for yield increase without adding chemicals or other outside substances which may affect the quality or the safety of the crop and stay within the law.

By using Aqutonix, Humboldt Edge Farms realized a 43% increase in plant biomass at harvest.


Full results include:

  • Control crop: 0.644 lbs per plant biomass

  • Treated crop: 0.921 lbs per plant biomass

  • A 43% increase in plant biomass

  • Significant Water Savings

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Benefits of Aqutonix

Eco- friendly

Aqutonix is built upon chemical free technology that boosts the naturally occurring growth process of cannabis.

Easy to install

Aqutonix can be easily installed in any existing irrigation system - from open fields to hydroponic farms.


Aqutonix received ISO, CE and UA certification to comply with US and EU standards.

More per Drop

Aqutonix increases the efficiency of your water by increasing the photosynthetic rate of your plants.


Apart from boosting the natural growth process, Aqutonix can sterilize water up to 70%.


BLH Aqua Tech assures that our customers can return his/her investment within 1~2 years.

How does it work?

Plants’ Natural Water Absorption Process

A membrane protein called Aquaporin, which was discovered by Peter Agre of John Hopkins University and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003, is solely responsible for absorbing and transporting water from a plant's roots.

Aquaporin absorbs water at the molecular level and due to the hydrogen bond of water molecules, Aquaporin first needs to break down the water molecule clusters so that it can absorb the water molecules one by one.

Water efficiency enhancement product Aqutonix, with a new case design and more efficient internal configuration leading to longer product life and efficiency.

Science behind Aqutonix

Aqutonix makes the natural growth process of plants more efficient by breaking down water molecule clusters the same way Aquaporin would, in order to absorb and transport water. Since Aqutonix does the job for the plant, the plant then will spend less time breaking down the molecules, but more time absorbing the water it needs in order to grow or produce fruits.

Declusterization of water molecules

Improvement in water absorption

Increase in photosynthetic efficiency

Increase Cannabis yield and growth!

Our product maximizes the efficacy of your water supply through productive, sustainable, and simple innovation.

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Our field test results with 4 cannabis farms showed an increase in crop yield of up to 43%!

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