Aqutonix Increases Water Absorption, Crop Growth and Yield on Korean Farm

Just one hour southeast of Korea's capital city, Seoul, is a family farm growing leafy green vegetables, specifically bok choy and cabbage, inside 20 separate greenhouses. The farm, which currently supplies all of Hyundai Motors' corporate campus dining halls as well as schools around the Seoul area, has been farming on this land for the past 25 years, and 40 years overall. The owner and farm manager are a father-son duo.

Since June 2015, the farm has been utilizing a new technology - an agriculture technology product called Aqutonix. The machine, which is connected to the farm's existing sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, boosts crop growth, germination, and yields while reducing the necessity of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by increasing the water absorption of the plants, and thus the photosynthetic efficiency. The decision to install Aqutonix came when the father and son duo who work the land realized they were not getting adequate water absorption and had heard about the product from their local distributor. In addition to the water absorption issue, some crops were regularly showing disease symptoms, which they theorized was stress stemming from the lack of proper absorption.

Since installing Aqutonix two and a half years ago, the farm has seen very positive results. For one, the growth cycle of the plants had been reduced in the summertime by 5 days, allowing for quicker turnover and more harvests over the same growing period, or a 30% - 40% increase in crop yield. The plant growth was much improved and the crops were healthier according to the farm owner, which resulted in a price markup at market due to the quality increase. Lastly, the farm noticed a considerable decrease in their reliance on pesticides and fertilizers, up to 50% according to Mr. Park who oversees daily operations.

Farm Profile
Farm Location: Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Farm Size: 1,150 square meters / .3 acres
Field Type: Greenhouse
irrigation Systems: Sprinkler (Summer), Drip (Winter)
Crops: Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage), Winter Cabbage
Water Sources: Groundwater and
Aqutonix Install Date: June 2015
Experience: Farming for 25 years locally, 40 years overall
Revenues: $600,000 USD / year

Problem areas before using Aqutonix
- Inefficient water absorption
- Crop disease and pests

Results after using Aqutonix as of December 2017
- Increased water absorption
- 30% - 40% increased yields
- Better quality and a price markup at market
- 50% decrease in pesticide and fertilizer usage
- Growth cycle reduced by 5 days (Summer)

The farm owner, Mr. park previously gave a short testimonial of Aqutonix after only one year of use with positive results. Watch with English subtitles below.

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