Want to know how Aqutonix can help your business grow? By inputting your farm-specific information in the form below, you can easily see how long it will take to see a return on your investment, as well as check what your costs and profits are now, and where they could be by installing Aqutonix to boost your farms productivity and reduce your operating costs such as water, pesticide, and fertilizer usage.

Aqutonix ROI Calculator

Pump Capacity
Enter your pump capacity in gallons per minute
Farm Size
Total irrigated land used in acres
Enter your yield yearly in tons
Sale Price
How much do you sell your produce for per ton?
How many pounds of fertilizer do you use per acre?
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How many gallons of pesticide do you use per acre, per year?
How much does your pesticide cost per gallon, per year?
Water Usage
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How much does water cost per gallon? (US average = $0.01)

Annual Profit(Traditional) $
Annual Profit(Aqutonix) $
Total Cost(Traditional) $
Total Cost(Aqutonix) $

Total Profit(Traditional) $
Total Profit(Aqutonix) $

Increased Revenue with Aqutonix $

ROI Year

ROI = Unit Price / (Total Profit Aqutonix – Total Profit Traditional)

Electricity costs not included. Aqutonix runs at just 370 watts per hour. Averaging 4 hours of use per day, every day, at the 2017 national average of 10.48 cents per day equals just $4.72 per month or $56.65 per year.

Water cost is included. The average cost in the United States is just $0.01 per gallon, and while minimal, is a major input factor for any farm. Additionally, this rate may change dependent upon the region or circumstance, such as drought.