BLH Aqua Technology Joins the Alliance for Water Efficiency

SEOUL (September 28, 2017) — BLH Aqua Technology, a provider of water efficiency enhancement technologies has officially joined the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit group that “promotes the efficient and sustainable use of water.” The group’s activities include advocacy, research, and training and have the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which awarded the Alliance the 2017 WaterSense® Excellence Award.

The decision for BLH Aqua Technology to join the Alliance for Water Efficiency was simple as the goal of utilizing water efficiently is the same for the two organizations, and is really the core technology of BLH and their products. The Alliance for Water Efficiency elaborates on this goal, stating that they “are here to help [their] members be leaders in water efficiency and to partner with them to carve a path towards a sustainable water future.”

BLH aims to pioneer water efficiency technology products in a range of fields and industries. Their first commercial product is called Aqutonix, an agriculture tech product that allows pants to absorb water more efficiently without additives or chemicals. Other applications for their proprietary technology include salt and seawater desalinization, mining and wastewater treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, and livestock and fishery management, all industries reliant on water and which can reduce their water consumption impact and pollution through smarter management.

While BLH has an ambitious plan for the future, the Alliance for Water Efficiency too is looking ahead, envisioning a “world where outdoor water use has become as efficient as indoor use, where water resources are considered alongside energy, nature, health, development, industry, and food; where utility systems are managed optimally; and where citizens understand the value of sustainable water management.”

To join or learn more about the Alliance for Water Efficiency please visit their website at To see what goes into providing a safe and reliable source of water needed to sustain life, please watch the video below:

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