BLH Aqua Technology Takes Top Prize at Hello Tomorrow Korea in Seoul

SEOUL (July 4, 2017) – Amidst enthralling keynote speeches by world leaders such as Barack Obama and David Cameron, the top 10 finalists out of 100 deeptech startups competed at Hello Tomorrow Korea for the grand prize, with BLH Aqua Technology emerging as the winner. The Hello Tomorrow Korea Deeptech Startup Challenge happened alongside the 8th annual Asian Leadership Conference. The theme of the Asian leadership Conference was “New Leadership in the Era of Hyper-Uncertainty: Towards Cooperation and Prosperity,” while Hello Tomorrow Korea’s was “Convergence of Technologies, aiming to explore the interdisciplinary convergence of various technologies. Both of these themes fit well with BLH’s pitch and the core concept of Aqutonix.

In California, for example, the state is under constant threat of drought, yet the weather patterns, climate, and water supply are quite uncertain. This can be extended to various issues in many parts of the world, such as food supply. BLH Aqua Technology pitched their first product, Aqutonix, with the message that water consumption, food supply, and sustainability are indeed possible, and cooperation with local government and NGOs could help to establish this technology more efficiently. As for prosperity, Aqutonix aims to give farmers of all sizes increased profits through increased crop yields and quality while reducing the operating costs due to decreased fertilizer and pesticide usage as well as a reduction in water wastage. This is truly a convergence of technologies, both old and new, as Aqutonix is a compliment to existing farm systems and practices which simply increases the productivity and efficiency of these systems.

Hello Tomorrow Korea Grand Winner Trophy for the Korea Deep-Tech Startup Challenge 2017

These principles along with an exciting technology were enough to sway the judges in favor of BLH Aqua Technology and Aqutonix, awarding them the grand prize and a consultation with Cambridge Consultants, a world-renowned technology consultancy.

Hello Tomorrow Korea: Hello Tomorrow Korea is part of Hello Tomorrow, a global non-profit initiative started by scientists-turned-entrepreneurs for science-driven entrepreneurial and business leaders. Hello Tomorrow Korea discovers promising innovations in the booming South Korean innovation space, with the goal of transforming them into viable, impact-driven solutions. Hello Tomorrow Korea brings highly-skilled changemakers from various sectors including scientific, industrial and economic with a common ambition to find innovative solutions to the most pressing local and global issues.

Asian Leadership Conference: The Asian Leadership Conference is Korea’s premier international conference which brings global leaders together to converse and provide possible solutions for major issues that Asia is facing today. World-renowned political leaders, global corporate CEOs, and academic leaders have been discussing ground-breaking solutions since it was first held in 2005. The themes of the Asian Leadership Conference address the most pressing issues in order to provide a great opportunity to seek peace and prosperity to the world while combating threats.


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