BLH Aqua Technology’s Aqutonix: Agricultural Productivity with Water-decomposition Technology

Water was a resource that anyone could easily obtain in the past. However, as water pollution becomes more widespread and climate change spreads, “water resources” become scarcer and more important. In recent years, this change has been called the ‘Blue Gold Era’.

Companies that are looking for a new vision in the “water industry”, which is turning into a high-tech industry with high added value, are also increasing. BHC Aqua Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BLH Aqua Technology), which developed ‘Aqutonix’, an agricultural water treatment device that regulates the characteristics of water molecules and helps crops absorb water and nutrients smoothly, this is a representative example.

BLH Aqua Technology, an excellent company of SBA (CEO of Seoul Business Agency, CEO Joo, Hyung-cheol), a leading small and medium-sized business support organization in Seoul, is a start-up related to water treatment technology established in 2014. Aqutonix has been successful in raising agricultural productivity to 25% (average).

The basic principle of Aqutonix is that ordinary tap water or groundwater is passed through a functional water treatment system and is further broken down by water molecule cluster decomposition technology and supplied to the plant in the form of finer particles to smooth the supply of water and minerals. The crops with Aqutonix installed can provide gentle nutrition to increase germination, growth, and resistance to germs, which can be expected to achieve remarkable quality and high yield.

Aqutonix can be installed at convenient locations, such as before or after the water pump at the back of the water tank, or at the intermediate point with the existing water supply, so that it can be applied without changing existing facilities and can be expected to improve the production regardless of the characteristics of the water or soil used on the farm. There is no need for additional management after installation, and it is possible to reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide used by 20% by improving water absorption, which is positive in terms of cost.

“Aqutonix is a perfect eco-friendly product based on the improvement of plant’s self-sustenance without artificial component adjustment, and it will contribute greatly to the improvement of agricultural productivity,” said CEO of BLH Aqua Technology. “In addition, the source technology that splits water molecules using high voltage, it is possible to apply to various industries besides agriculture. We plan to apply it variously to domestic and overseas industries through the support of SBA and government agencies in the future.”

Additionally, BLH Aqua Technology was awarded the “Creative Economic Grand Prize” in recognition of its technology and value, won the “K-Global Overseas Demo Day” held in Silicon Valley in November. It also focused on the attention of overseas stakeholders.

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