Success of Aqutonix in Cannabis Cultivation

Aqutonix has been tested on various strains and in a multitude of climates in order to validate our technology as a necessary and valued solution to the problems facing the cannabis industry. Changing regulations, increased demand and competition in cannabis cultivation, as well as environmental and quality concerns can all be addressed by adding Aqutonix, which has proven to be an environmentally friendly, sustainable and organic solution to decreasing water usage and increasing yield for cannabis growers.

Humboldt Edge Farm Case Study - Increasing Cannabis Yield by 43%

Farm: Humboldt Edge
Location: Humboldt County, CA
Head grower and owner: Matt Nagle
Farming type: field, pot, and greenhouse
Strain: Gelato
Type of irrigation: drip irrigation (greenhouse and field), “hand” irrigation (pot)
Started using Aqutonix: June 2018
Results: 43% increase in yield, decreased water usage

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Testimonials From Our Partners

Below you can find videos from our partners in the cannabis industry, including our distributors and of course our growers. These testimonials serve to showcase the benefits of introducing Aqutonix technology to your cannabis farm to increase yield and growth while minimizing environmental impact through a more efficient use of water and nutrients. Please check back regularly as we add the stories of more satisfied partners to this page.

Barry Nachshon
CEO, True Humboldt & Humboldt Sun Grower's Guild

True Humboldt and the Humboldt Sun Grower's Guild were the first-movers in the California cannabis industry to adopt Aqutonix as a means to empower their farmers to achieve sustainable growth in the emerging legalized cannabis market. The idea of higher yields without sacrificing quality or environmental damage was exactly the solution they were looking for.

Billy Ellyson
Botanist & Project Manager, True Humboldt

As a scientist, Billy Ellyson was thrilled to test the environmental impacts of a water efficiency device in cannabis, especially living in California. When BLH Aqua Tech approached him and his company to do a trial to measure the effects of their Aqutonix device, he jumped at the idea.

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