How you can help during Northern California’s Wildfires

As seventeen separate wildfires have been ravaging Northern California this month, 10,000 firefighters have responded to contain the wind-driven blazes and prevent further loss of life and property. Southern California, too, is dealing with its own group of fires just east of downtown Los Angeles. The economic impact of the wildfires on California’s agriculture industry is going to be substantive, with Sonoma County’s farmers hit particularly hard. The value of the county’s agriculture is close to $900 million, with livestock and poultry accounting for $178 million and about $10 million from vegetable farms. At the heart of California’s farmland, ranchers and critical agricultural service businesses have been devastated as the Wine County fires moved into their lands, forcing farmers to attempt to move the 30,000 dairy cows and 35,000 sheep and goats that are housed in Soinoma county alone. 

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With more than 210,000 acres and 5,700 structures destroyed, more than 90,000 people have been evacuated, many of which have been injured or lost their homes. In this time of tragedy, it is important to know how you can be of help and service. Below is a list of services, shelters, and donations centers which are offering relief for those affected.

While we are a Korea-based company, some of our staff have family and friends in the region, and of course, we have valuable partners and customers in the agriculture sector who have been affected. From all of us at BLH Aqua Technology, we wish everyone in California good health, safety, and recovery, and commend the firefighters and volunteers for their service.

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