Proven successes of Aqutonix

Aqutonix was found to be successful on all different kinds of crops and could benefit any plant. After testing Aqutonix on 21 different crops and measuring it rigorously in 7 certified lab tests, crops were found to have an improved


Increase in germination rate


Increase in growth rate


Increase in yield


  • Ground cherry pepper  +43%
  • Cheongyang red pepper  +36%
  • Crunch pepper  +28%
  • Green pepper  +20%
  • Young pumpkin  +38%
  • Cucumber  +37%
  • Paprika  +30%
  • Eggplant  + 113%
  • Cherry tomato ++ 107%
  • Tomato  +20%
  • Oriental melon  +30%
  • Soybean  +35%
  • Leaf vegetables  +10%
  • Cannabis  +40%

If you want to see how Aqutonix helped cannabis growers achieve a higher crop yield, please visit Aqutonix for Cannabis website.

Testimonials from current Aqutonix farmers

Farmers in Korea have been seeing the benefits of Aqutonix since 2015. See the results of our patented technology being used in blueberry, pear, leafy green, seedling, and tomato farms below.

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