Water Efficiency Enhancement Venture BLH Aqua Technology Featured on “15 Minute Startup”

The 3rd episode of the Electronic Times Newspaper Entertainment and the Seoul Metropolitan government’s business promotion unit, the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) program “15 Minute Startup” featured the water efficiency enhancement venture BLH Aqua Technology.

Edward Hong, who has been recognized in domestically and overseas for innovative water treatment technology was the star guest. He introduced a special technology of water and food production, which is the basis of human life, and explained the possibility of future development.

BLH Aqua Technology is a start-up commissioned in 2014 that develops technologies to refine water molecules using high voltage and raises the productivity of plants 25% by increasing water absorption.

In addition to winning the ‘2015 Award for Creativity and Economy’ for the water treatment device ‘Aqutonix,’ a product based on water molecule refinement technology, they have won the ‘K Global Demo Day’ in Silicon Valley, California recently as well. The technology is certified. In particular, as the importance of food sovereignty has become important, BLH Aqua Technology’s reputation has been greatly heightened as countries around the world have focused on increasing agricultural productivity.

“The technology of water molecule refinement using high voltage can be applied to various fields, but first of all, we are paying attention to improving the productivity of food by applying it to the field of agriculture in the first place,” said Edward Hong, CEO of BLH Aqua Technology. And overseas investment, we will participate in technical papers and roadshows, so that we can use our technology in various industries, and we will continue our research on technology.”

Watch the episode here, though note that there is no English version available.

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